Digital Energy Futures: Forecasting changing residential energy demand

Researchers: Associate Professor Yolande Strengers; Professor Sarah Pink; Dr Robert Simpson (Ausgrid); Dr Stephanie Judd (AusNet Services); Ms Lynne Gallagher (Energy Consumers Australia)

The Digital Energy Futures ARC Linkage project is a partnership between the Australian Research Council, Monash University, AusNet Services, Ausgrid and Energy Consumers Australia Limited.

The project aims to understand and forecast changing digital lifestyle trends and their impact on future household electricity demand, including at peak times. The project expects to generate new knowledge by employing digital ethnography and sociological theories to investigate how changing social practices will impact on electricity sector planning. Expected outcomes include: scenarios and principles for digital energy futures; an interdisciplinary energy demand forecasting methodology; and demand management tools to help the sector meet future residential consumption. This should provide significant benefits, such as lowering the cost of infrastructure spending, and helping secure affordable electricity provision.

“This is the largest interdisciplinary forecasting project attempted for Australia’s energy sector. It will generate critical insights about how householders understand and anticipate their futures in relation to emerging digital technologies, and use this knowledge to help anticipate and intervene in future energy demand.” Associate Professor Yolande Strengers

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Contact: Hayley McKee, Project Officer