We create new approaches, knowledge and foresights for understanding uncertain and possible futures.

ETLab creates and introduces plausible, realistic, responsible and equitable visions of possible futures, designed to respond to and moderate the predictive and quantified futures visions produced by the technology industry.

Our work is underpinned by: foundational theoretical and conceptual research into futures and anticipation; and innovative design ethnographic approaches designed to create new knowledge, understanding and foresight.

We apply our futures expertise in academic projects and collaborations with industry, government and not-for-profit across many of our projects. Examples include:

  • Developing new methodologies that bring together ethnographic futures approaches with energy forecasting experts in Digital Energy Futures
  • Creating new visions for City Data Sensing with the City of Melbourne 
  • Collaborations with designers and industry and policy stakeholders to introduce ethnographic insights into processes of urban planning for future mobilities 
  • A theoretical and methodological collaboration with the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodology at Warwick University (UK) to create new non-predictive futures methodologies

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