Lab members are well known internationally as pioneers in methodological innovation, making the Lab at the forefront of the development and tailoring of new research methodologies.

Come and join us in developing new ways to address difficult problems.

We develop and design the most appropriate methods for each new project, and are experts across the following areas:

  • Interdisciplinary methodologies: We have extensive experience of working with interdisciplinary teams internationally to create the new interdisciplinary methodologies required to address today’s challenges
  • Design Ethnography: We have pioneered design ethnography by bringing together social scientific and design theory and techniques to create an ethical and responsible approach to developing design through ethnographic and workshop based methods.
  • Futures methodologies: through our work with the Futures Anthropology Network and our projects we have developed new methods for researching futures qualitatively and non-predictively.
  • Digital Ethnography: Lab members have been deeply involved in the development of Digital Ethnography, and are experts in undertaking ethnographic research that attends to, explores and learns about digital technologies in everyday life.
  • Visual Ethnography: Visual Ethnography methods are at the core of many of our projects, using video and photography to produce new ways of knowing, understanding and sharing our research. Sarah Pink the Lab’s Director is now writing the 4th edition of her pioneering book Doing Visual Ethnography
  • Sensory Ethnography: While we do not put sensory experience at the core of all of our projects, acknowledging that the senses are at the centre of how we live and experience in the world is fundamental to much of our work. We develop, design and use sensory ethnography methods in our focus on human experience.

Research Programme Lead

Director Professor Sarah Pink

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