Visitor application process

Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, we are not taking any international visitors.


Response time                

Item provided

Apply within the 4 rounds: 1 Feb, 1 May, 1 Aug, 1 Nov

Upon applicant submission

Confirmation email of receipt of application

Notification of acceptance or rejection

1 - 6 weeks

Email notification

Applicant provides supporting documentation:

Supporting documentation required:

  • A letter of support from your supervisor at your home University
  • A letter of support from the funding body supporting the trip, detailing the amount awarded and its expenditure requirements
  • Scan of your passport
  • Tax residency/ where you are taxed the most
  • AQF level (Bachelor degree/ Masters degree)
  • Certificate proving AQF/ highest education level
  • A clear photo of yourself for promotional purposes (1277 x 550 pixels)
  • A biography for promotional purposes
  • A list of any other academics at Monash University to which you will arrange meetings

2 weeks

Email confirmation that documents have been received

We submit your complete application to the Monash HR Visitor team

1 - 3  weeks

You will receive an online ‘letter of invitation’ from the Monash Visitors team which will also advise about your visa requirements

Applicant confirms acceptance


Arrival dates and visas confirmed by applicant and submitted to Lab, dates diarised in Google calendar.


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