Kari Dahlgren

Dr. Kari Dahlgren is a Research Fellow in the Emerging Technologies Research Lab. Kari is a social anthropologist and ethnographer interested in the social and ethical aspects of energy production and consumption in Australia.

Her work is situated at the intersection of economic and environmental anthropology, with a particular interest in the anthropology of energy, climate change, and transition. Her doctoral thesis in Anthropology, completed at the London School of Economics, draws on ethnographic fieldwork in two Australian coal mining towns, focusing on the livelihoods entangled with the industry.

In the context of increasing questions about the future of energy, Kari’s research speaks to the possibilities and limitations of imagining and crafting futures, as well as the ethical implications of change.

She also makes theoretical contributions to the Anthropocene as a lived condition of precarity through ethnography of the social complexities and political concerns underlying the energy transition. She is taking these insights into her new role working on the Digital Energy Futures Project.

Kari also holds an MSc from Oxford University and a BA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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