Kaspar Raats

Kaspar is an industrial PhD candidate at Volvo Cars and Halmstad University Sweden and a visiting researcher in Emerging Technologies Research Lab. In his PhD he investigates how people’s real-life complex social encounters and technology improvisations inform the development of intelligent technologies, more specifically how trust is being talked about and guides the development of algorithms that power e.g. autonomous vehicles and intelligent services.

Kaspar received a BSc in computer science from Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia in 2005 followed by MSc in interaction design from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden in 2013. Since early 2000 he has been involved in web-development designing for websites and mobile phones and practiced as a freelance designer with print media, motion graphics as well as product and interior design projects. In parallel he was acting as an IT project manager and as a database administrator for multi-national ICT companies.

Kaspar’s research is funded by Swedish innovation agency Vinnova and Volvo Cars.

Kaspar will visit the Lab from 20 November until the 20 December 2019.