About the Monash Energy Institute

Our commitment

  • Vision

    Bringing people together to solve global energy problems.

  • Mission

    To accelerate the transition towards a sustainable energy future through impactful interdisciplinary research and education programs for Monash University and its trusted partners.

  • University

    Develop a global presence in the energy sector through impact-driven interdisciplinary programs, trusted partners and an active alumni network.

  • Colleagues

    Foster an inclusive, proactive and engaged community, and develop interdisciplinary research programs with strategic partners to deliver local and global impact.

  • Students

    Support a vibrant energy student community equipped with industry-ready skills and professional networks.

  • Partners

    Develop trusted industry partnerships that are underpinned by excellent R&D capabilities, access to student talent, and professional development.

What big problems are we trying to solve?

We're working to solve these problems through our research.