About the Monash Energy Institute

Our world today is going through a phenomenal period of change in the way we harness and use energy. The urgency to accommodate and shape this change continues to make headlines in the popular press and is often debated at the highest levels of government and global alliances. Yet, we still do not know how to transition to an energy future that addresses climate change issues, while ensuring that people have access to reliable and affordable energy sources.

To enable this transition, we need the brightest minds working together. With over 150 academic staff involved in energy research and three ARC Centres of Excellence dedicated to energy – ACES, ACEx and FLEET, Monash University is uniquely placed to meet the challenges posed by the changing demands of the Australian and international energy landscapes.

Monash Energy Institute has been instrumental in harnessing the university’s research capital and capabilities to deliver transformative initiatives such as the Woodside Monash Energy Partnership, the Net Zero Initiative and the Grid Innovation Hub. The Institute has connected leading educators and researchers with industry to facilitate problem-solving, innovation and commercialisation in the energy sector. We have also linked educators to members of industry, to help align educational goals with the current and future needs of the energy sector, and to offer joint PhD scholarships.

Driven by our strong track-record and our commitment to the university and to our colleagues, students and trusted partners, we aim to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable, and reliable energy future for all.

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