Energy grids

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Energy Grids

  • Wind (on/off-shore)​
  • Utility scale solar​
  • Power grids​
  • Grid planning​
  • Grid forming Inverters​
  • Utility scale storage​​

Australia’s electricity grid is embarking on a dramatic transformation, driven by new technologies and increasingly empowered customers. New energy infrastructure, new market designs and dynamic regulatory environments are required for the rapidly approaching low-carbon world. The new energy transport infrastructure needed includes new and enhanced electricity transmission, as well as new transportation infrastructure for green hydrogen and its derivatives. The latter is likely to include hydrogen pipelines. This theme primarily focuses on large-scale power grids and pipelines, while ensuring the emerging interactions between the distribution network level and bulk power systems are fully captured.

At Monash Energy Institute, we have the required expertise and capabilities to answer various questions about the ongoing energy transition. This theme focuses on the large-scale power system for which we are currently trying to address the challenge of  planning and operating the energy system for economic efficiency, reliability and security on the way to 100% renewables.

Key challenges we are addressing include questions such as:

  • How can we manage the secure operation of the bulk energy system with a high level of penetration of variable renewable energy sources?
  • How can we integrate large-scale storage such as batteries, into the electricity grid for its stable/secure operation?
  • And for all these, how do we ensure optimal investment in, and operation of, grid and storage infrastructure?
  • Finally, how can we repurpose the national grid and gas pipeline network to support a decentralised energy system?
  • Power Engineering Advanced Research Laboratory (PEARL)

    PEARL aims to develop innovative technologies to deliver secure, sustainable, and reliable electric power. To achieve this goal, we carry out leading-edge research in the areas grid integration of renewable energy resources, application and control of power electronic converters, power system stability, real-time monitoring systems, advanced protection and fault location techniques, and electromagnetic transients in power networks. Our focus is mainly on the grid integration of renewable energy resources, studying the interaction of renewable farms, and devising control algorithms for inverter-based resources to unleash their full potential.