Clean fuels and hydrogen

Theme leader

Clean fuels and hydrogen

  • Bio conversion​
  • Hydrogen and alternate fuels ​
  • (synthetic CH4, NH3)​
  • CO2 capture, storage and use​
  • Gasification​
  • Geothermal energy​
  • Energy in mining​

Clean fuels and hydrogen underpin an effective energy transition for Australia and Monash University is engaged in a range of research activities spanning technical, social, political and legal aspects.

  • MC3 club

    Monash Carbon Capture and Conversion, also known as MC3, is an international, interdisciplinary student team at Monash University, bringing together Monash students from Clayton and Sunway campuses. Driven by their passion for environmental sustainability, the MC3 team are  at the forefront of innovation as student-led pioneers of technological solutions to climate change.The MC3 vision encapsulates the successful development of novel, sustainable, scalable and economically viable solutions to capture and store carbon to improve the outlook for the future of the planet.

  • Carbon capture and Fuels from Renewable Sources

    In addition to hydrogen related research, Monash is also a leading centre for carbon capture and conversion research. Our research projects include capture of carbon dioxide from air, conversion of this captured carbon dioxide to chemicals using thermochemical and biological methods, and utilisation of these chemicals into renewable fuels and products.