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9 Jun 2020 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Energy access and use under an energy justice lens!

Dr Ron Ben-David, Dr Diane Kraal, and Dr Larissa Nicholls discussed key issues concerning energy affordability, responsibility and fairness. This included the concept of energy justice, how households' energy use and well-being could be impacted following the critical COVID-19 pandemic and the exploration of pathways to an equitable energy future.

Professor Sarah Pink, Director of the Emerging Technologies Research Lab and Associate Director of the Monash Energy Institute, hosted the event.

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09 JUN 2020 - The case for re-creating the energy market (PDF, 0.21 MB), by Dr Ron Ben-David.

09 JUN 2020 - COVID-19: Household electricity and consumer vulnerability in physical isolation, by Ms Nancy Van Nieuwenhove via The Lens. Featuring Monash Energy Institute researchers Dr Diane Kraal, Dr Larissa Nicholls, Dr Roger Dargaville and Dr Ron Ben-David. They discuss how the principles of energy justice can inform an equitable response to the higher energy use by e-workers and the newly unemployed.

14 JUN 2019 - The Business of Energy - video, from "A Different Lens".

13 JUL 2020 - The case for recreating Australia’s energy market, by Dr Ron Ben-David via The Lens. This article is an edited extract from a presentation Dr Ron Ben-David gave as part of the Monash Energy Institute's Equitable Energy Future webinar.

19 OCT 2020 - Dr Ron Ben-David | Response to Consultation on Post-2025 Market Design

Meet the host

Professor Sarah Pink (sarah.pink@monash.edu)
Director, Emerging Technologies Research Lab
Associate Director, Monash Energy Institute
Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture & Faculty of Information Technology

Sarah is a world leading Design Anthropologist, known for her development of innovative digital, visual and sensory research and dissemination methodologies, which she engages in interdisciplinary projects with design, engineering and creative practice disciplines to engage with contemporary issues and challenges.

Meet the speakers

Dr Larissa Nicholls (larissa.nicholls@monash.edu)
Senior Research Fellow, Emerging Technologies Research Lab, Monash University

Larissa specialises in bringing deeper understandings of household practices and concerns into Australia’s ongoing policy debates about energy affordability, sustainability and reliability. The impacts of energy policy and emerging technologies for vulnerable and disadvantaged households are a key research focus.

Dr Diane Kraal (diane.kraal@monash.edu)
Senior Lecturer, Department of Business Law & Taxation, Monash University

Diane is an expert on taxation law and policy for natural resources. In 2018 Diane received the Monash Business School Dean’s Commendation for Research Impact. Her qualitative research uses the energy justice frame of considering economic, political and environmental concerns.

Dr Ron Ben-David (Ron.Ben-David@monash.edu)
Professorial Fellow, MSDI and the Faculty of Business & Economics

Ron recently joined the Monash Business School and Monash Sustainable Development Institute after 10 years as chair of the Victorian Essential Services Commission. His interests lie in modernising the policy objectives, market design principles and regulatory settings governing the national energy sector.

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Ms Nancy Van Nieuwenhove
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