Audrey Zibelman

Audrey Zibelman
VP at X, the Moonshot Factory
Industry Advisory Council member, Monash Energy Institute

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Ms Zibelman has deep experience working with power systems in America, Europe and Australia. She was the chair of the New York State Public Service Commission in 2016, and was an early architect of New York's Reforming the Energy Vision.

In 2016, Audrey was appointed as CEO of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO). During that role, Audrey witnessed a significant transformation of the energy market – with wind and solar technologies materially establishing themselves as affordable and competitive sources of power. Audrey has been responsible for securing electricity supply to the NEM during this revolutionary energy transition as well as during the 2019-2020 Black Summer bushfire crisis.  She led the creation and development of the AEMO Integrated System Plan, a 20-year blueprint for the country’s renewables transition. Audrey is a strong advocate of promoting greater industry collaboration and innovation and is passionate about adopting a consumer-centred approach in order to respond to societal change.

Audrey Zibelman is back in the US and is at X, Alphabet’s moonshot factory where she is leading a team to that is working on a moonshot for the decarbonized power grid.

In her role as a member of the Monash Energy Institute’s Industry Advisory Council, Audrey will help advise Monash’s research and industry partnerships activities.  She is particularly interested in incorporating new developments in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence in supporting the integration of renewable energy and storage technologies into the power grids as well as the design of new markets that allow for effective transformation of the energy system.

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