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eSolutions provides a full range of IT support services for Monash staff and students. If your tech is broken or you need something new, we're the ones you call. But this is just one piece of what we do. IT is simply the foundation to our services in business transformation, user experience, business process reengineering and so much more.

We look to the future and will continue to enable Monash to deliver the best possible academic experience and research outcomes by combining our expertise with yours. It's a winning combination.

A message from Teresa Finlayson, Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Teresa Finlayson

The CIO portfolio at Monash University is leading substantial technological, cultural and service reform for the University across domestic and international campuses and entities.

The University’s strategic plan, Focus Monash, aims to strengthen the institutions’ achievements and performance to equip it for a more competitive and globalised future as a truly modern university. The CIO Portfolio underpins this aim and enables the University’s ability to achieve excellence in research and education.

My team and I are committed to continuing to strengthen collaborative relationships between the portfolio and all areas of the University, uplift capability and drive innovation to support Monash to have a bigger global impact and #CHANGEIT.

Executive Team

Matt Carmichael

Matt Carmichael

Director, Support Services and Engagement

Matt's wish is to make the lives of staff and students easier through customised, targeted and efficient service delivery, promoting genuine understanding across the University.

Matthew Barry

Matthew Barry

Director, Technology Services

Matthew takes complex technical ideas and translates them into user friendly, relatable stories. He holds a degree in Information Systems and a background informed by corporate technology projects, centred around modernising core IT infrastructure and services. He is excited to help make Monash a truly modern university.

Dan Maslin

Dan Maslin

Chief Information Security Officer

Using a collaborative and risk-based approach, Dan assists the University to ensure our information assets, critical systems and people are adequately protected in our modern and complex digital world.  He holds a Bachelor of Network Computing degree from Monash, a number of cyber security industry certifications and sits on two industry Executive Advisory Boards related to cyber security.

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