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Business transformation

At eSolutions, we understand the difference between installation and transformation - we know we can offer you more than just a new piece of software. When you engage with our business transformation teams, we’ll work with you to understand exactly what outcome you need and then we’ll partner with you to deliver it. A new piece of technology is not the reason for change, it is simply a catalyst leading to a small improvement or a whole new way of working. If you have an idea, but don’t know how to turn it into reality, let our team help yours be ready and able to succeed.

Essential services

Essential services are exactly that - those key, underpinning services we all take for granted that enable us to work everyday.  Some of the things we look after include hosting services in our data centre and cloud based virtual machines, careful management of your faculty’s data  to keep it accessible, secure and recoverable, providing computers and phones for staff, managing email and our Google apps, provisioning tens of thousands of staff and student accounts annually… the list goes on and on. We take care of it all, so you don’t have to think about it.

AV and learning spaces

Providing the best experience for our students demands the best learning spaces. We are proud of the wide range of space types and technology we offer and the efforts we undertake to ensure they are kept up to date and accessible. Our team partners with yours to deliver new learning spaces - offering a suite of AV technology for each room type, from smart lecterns to document cameras and video conferencing.  Our goal is to enable academics to feel confident using any space at Monash, so they can focus on their students, not the technology.

IT contract and vendor management

If you want the best value for new IT software or hardware, come talk to us - we’ll tell you what’s already being used successfully by someone else or perhaps let you know of something brand new that might be just what you want. Our enterprise-wide view allows us to consolidate and leverage the best products for the best price, while ensuring compliance with the University’s procurement policy. We manage contracts, balance purchase price and support costs, consider vendor technical expertise and manage risk, enabling us to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Information management

Information is one of the most important assets we have at Monash, and we certainly have a lot of it.  Having a clear discipline to identify, control and preserve information, ensuring it’s available to be used for smarter, faster decision making offers a clear competitive advantage to us all. From business intelligence reporting to records and archives, we offer your team a way to make the most of this rich resource, providing enduring value to the University and the wider community.


Monash is a world-class research institution, and our researchers deserve something special. We find ways to make it happen, by partnering on the journey of discovery rather than focusing on a known destination. We offer our expertise, advanced computing infrastructure and IT services to help enable new research goals, enhance research practices and foster collaborative research.


The Flexible Administration Services Team (FAST) are Monash admin staff who can be requested by your area when you need additional assistance during change initiatives, staff leave or peak workload periods. The team bring a breadth of Monash knowledge and expertise to each deployment, meaning you get immediate and effective support when you need it the most.


eSolutions cares about security and privacy, whether it’s protecting your personal information or preserving our competitive advantage by keeping University IP safe. The nature of a university is to be open and collaborative, and we keep this value at the heart of all we do. Our goal is to maintain a safe, flexible and resilient digital environment that supports the work of our students, academics and staff across Australia and around the world.

IT governance

Best practice governance is something we take seriously: the process that delegates and distributes decision-making in relation to strategic IT investment at Monash. Good governance is essential to ensure that investments are made in alignment with the University’s strategic and operational objectives.

A number of governance bodies are responsible for making investment decisions at Monash, taking into consideration the needs and interests of areas across the entire University.  At the highest level we have VCEC (Vice Chancellor’s Executive Committee) and MIIO (Major Initiatives Implementation Oversight) chaired by Professor Margaret Gardner. This holistic view allows investment to be resourced across multiple areas and reduces duplication, leading to the development of streamlined processes and promotion of enterprise-wide compatible systems.

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