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eSolutions is committed to the adoption of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) standards to provide a framework for delivery of IT services at Monash.

"Service Management is a set of specialised organisational capabilities that provide value to customers in the form of services."

The ITIL framework is:

  • a set of best practice guidelines as a common sense approach for managing IT services;
  • a framework of practices that unite all areas of IT service provision;
  • a framework that allows IT organisations to deliver value to the business;
  • a series of publications giving guidance on the provision, processes and facilities needed to support quality IT services;
  • deliberately non-prescriptive and specifically capable of being adopted and adapted for higher education services.
The Service Governance Group (SGG) provides the governance structure that applies this best practice across the service management lifecycle. The SGG is key in providing ITIL leadership across the University. Our aim is to:
  • ensure that IT Services are aligned to the needs of the business and customers by providing a service framework for the end-to-end management of IT services to customers;
  • improve availability and stability of services by focusing on service performance to ensure that they are being delivered as expected;
  • improve efficiency of internal processes by focusing on continual service improvement to maintain value to customers.

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