Choose a strong password and keep it safe

How to change your password

Check out this guide to find out how to create a strong password that won’t be rejected. To update your password, go to change my password.

Password tips


Choose either a long and simple password or a short and complex one (less than 13 characters).

  • A passphrase (more than 13 characters) is a sentence or several random words such as ‘I like swimming’. You don’t need to include special characters and you can include spaces.
  • Alternatively, use a combination of special characters (at least eight), including at least three of the following:
    • upper case letters
    • lower case letters
    • numbers
    • symbols.


  • Use your username or part of your name in your password.
  • Add numbers or symbols to passwords the system has already rejected (like replacing an s with a $, or an a with an @). The system will recognise the password you already tried and will keep rejecting it.

All attempts at setting passwords by Monash users are checked against a database of 600 million stolen passwords. If you try to use a password that’s found in this database, it will be rejected.

Keeping your password safe

Monash University will never ask you for your password. Any emails you receive that appear to be from Monash and which request your password aren't real and should be deleted.

  • Never share your password – you're responsible for keeping your password private. Sharing your password is a breach of the Acceptable Use Policy and can lead to disciplinary action.
  • If someone accesses your account using your password, you're responsible for their actions. A malicious user can have a severe impact by deleting your files, reading private emails, sending offensive or abusive emails, sending spam or entering into financial transactions on your behalf.

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