A Google platform used for information sharing which can be custom designed. Writers can upload content to blogs through email and various Microsoft apps and programs.

You'll need to sign in with your Monash Google Account, and then click New Blog to get started.

Go to Blogger Help Centre to learn about the following and much more:

  • Create and design
  • Manage your blog
  • Transfer ownership
  • Troubleshoot

Guidelines for staff and students

  1. Remember anything you post is permanent - sometimes even after a post is deleted, copies are likely to remain online.
  2. Avoid posting images of yourself or others, which you'll regret. Don't upload images which reflect lude, sexist, intoxicated or unacceptable behaviour.
  3. The use of offensive language, racist or sexist references (unless it’s in context with your blog topic) should be avoided.
  4. Copyright laws are applicable to online activity. You're open to legal action if you ‘steal’ images without permission. Be alert for appropriate creative commons licences with shared content, or just make your own.
  5. Repeating the same word won’t score you points with Google, but meaningful descriptions and headings will.
  6. Rich media content, like videos or images, will keep your readers more engaged.
  7. Hyperlinks are a great way to reference related websites, pages or content.
  8. Acknowledge the source of any material you use such as quotes, images and content.
  9. Communicate effectively for benefit and improvement, rather than negativity.
  10. Ask the Service Desk for assistance.

All staff should read the Monash University Social Media Policy (pdf).

Help and support

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