Connect to eduroam wi-fi: Android

How to connect and re-connect

If you were previously connected to eduroam, you'll need to select eduroam in network settings, and then select Forget, before following the below steps.

Select eduroam
Select Forget

  1. Swipe down on your notification bar
  2. Press and hold Wi-Fi
    Android settings menu
  3. Select eduroam
    Android available wifi networks
  4. Confirm the settings:
    • EAP method (if prompted): PEAP
    • Phase 2 authentication (if prompted): MSCHAPv2
    • Online certificate status: Do not validate
  5. Enter your Monash email address:

    Enter Monash student email
    Enter Monash staff email
    Monash College
    Enter Monash College email
    Enter Monash afilliate email
  6. Enter your Monash email address as your username, then enter your Monash password when prompted
  7. Tap Connect
  8. Once successfully connected, your Android device will show the connection status on the Wi-Fi settings screen as eduroam Connected
    Android connected to network

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