Connect to eduroam wi-fi: Linux

Configuring Gnome NetworkManager to access eduroam

NetworkName eduroam
Wireless Security WPA Enterprise
Key Type TKIP or CCMP
Phase2 Type MSCHAPV2
Identify Monash email address 
Password Monash password
Anonymous Identity Leave blank
CA Client Certificate File Choose No CA certificate is required for initial eduroam connectivity. Download the QuoVadis Root CA2 for increased security in Step 3
CA Certificate File
(see below Private Key Password)
Leave blank
  1. Right click the NetworkManager icon (nm‐applet) in your taskbar. Ensure there's a tick next to both Enable Networking and Enable Wireless.
  2. Left click the NetworkManager icon, then click eduroam. To connect to a different network click Connect to Other Wireless Network and configure the settings.
  3. Save the QuoVadis Root CA2 certificate file to your local hard disc.
  4. In the dialogue box complete the fields in the table above.
  5. Connect to eduroam. The Gnome NetworkManager will automatically connect to the first wireless network it finds in range and for which it has been configured.

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