Install Safe Exam Browser

If you've been told your eExam will be using Safe Exam Browser, you’ll need to install it on your device so you can access and run your eExam.

Prepare your device for Safe Exam browser

To avoid problems during your eExam, you may need to change the sleep and region settings.

Install Safe Exam Browser

Download the latest version of Safe exam Browser for your device:

Confirm Safe Exam Browser works on your computer

Now you’ve installed the software, you need to check it works.

Step 1

Open this webpage in Google Chrome and close down any other open applications on your device.

Step 3

Click Enrol Me.

Step 4

Click Launch Safe Exam Browser and enter your Monash username and password - you’ll be prompted to authenticate using Okta Verify. This activates the lock-down functionality on your device so all you have access to is the test eExam.

To restore your device’s normal functionality you’ll need to exit Safe Exam Browser. See step 6.

Step 5

Click Start Exam to start the test.

Step 6

To end the test and restore your device’s normal functionality, navigate to the test exam summary page and click Submit all and finish. You’ll then return to the exam landing page where you need to click Exit Safe Exam Browser.

Help and questions

If Safe Exam Browser doesn't seem to be working on your device, or you have any questions contact the eSolutions Service Desk.

Safe Exam Browser Troubleshooting

Warning message: The information that you're about to send is not secure

Warning message

Click Send anyway.

This will launch Safe Exam Browser automatically.

Safe Exam Browser Test e-exam. Estimated time 30 mins. The config key or browser exam keys could not be validated. Please ensure you are using the Safe exam browser with correct configuration file.

Message on the eExam landing page

Ignore this message and click Launch Safe Exam Browser.

No luck? Get in touch and we'll help you out.

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