Monash Jobs for Students program

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While studying at Monash, you have the unique opportunity to access the Jobs for Students program. This program allows registered students to gain access to a range of casual jobs within the University.

You'll gain real work experience right here on campus, build your employability skills, and jump-start your career. Be inspired every day and be surrounded by extraordinary, talented people working at Monash.

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What types of jobs are available?

The positions available vary, depending on the resourcing needs of Monash departments. As a registered user of the program, you may be offered opportunities to work in areas related to administration, customer service, research, and marketing. Positions are suited to all levels of experience.

Am I eligible?

If you're a current Monash Student, you are eligible to sign up. If you have completed your course at Monash, then you should sign up for Monash Talent instead.

How do I access these opportunities?

Once you have registered, as suitable positions arise, students may be contacted directly by the Jobs for Students team or invited to apply for opportunities that match their skill sets. Some opportunities are also advertised on the Career Gateway platform, just search for roles listed under the employer ‘Jobs for Students’.

Where can I get help preparing for the recruitment process?

While Jobs for Students will help connect you with job opportunities, Career Connect can provide you with the knowledge and expertise specifically designed to enhance your job-seeking skills and develop your employability.

Offering a wide range of online workshops, information sessions and resources, Career Connect is a trusted destination for career, leadership, and volunteer opportunities specific to your education and professional goals. They can assist you with job search strategies, career planning, interview preparation, and even reviewing your resume and job application documents.

For more information on Career Connect services, go to their webpage or email

How do I register?

Registrations for the Jobs for Students program are open. Register here.

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