Course Proposal Evaluation Group (CPEG)

Prior to course proposals being submitted to Education Committee for endorsement or approval, peer review is carried out by the Course Proposals Evaluation Group (CPEG).

CPEG is made up of Associate Deans Education (ADE), or their nominees, from each faculty of the University, and a staff member affiliated with the Education Policy and Projects Team. Each new proposal must be reviewed by the CPEG before it is submitted to Education Committee and Academic Board.

Note: ADEs can nominate a delegate from their own faculty to assist with the review. Delegates should be senior academics with relevant program directorship or equivalent knowledge of education accreditation policy and procedures.

The review focuses on two aspects of the course proposal:

  • its academic quality; and
  • its compliance with University education policies

Not all types of proposals submitted to Education Committee require a full CPEG review, some course proposals may require review by the Education Policy and Projects team only. This will be assessed by the Academic Programs and Governance team at the time of submission.

The CPEG review periods are scheduled annually to align with the Education Committee meeting dates. (refer to Submission dates).