Learning and Teaching Building

The Learning and Teaching Building is the product of years of research and design thinking, and harnesses the expertise of multi-award winning design studio John Wardle Architects. The process has taken in and examined each critical aspect of the learning and collaborative experience – from room size and the effects of crowd size and attribution upon student participation, down to the optimum table shape and importance of ease of access to charging facilities.

The result is a visually inspiring, world-class learning environment, designed to accommodate and enhance new styles of learning experience. The open, welcoming atmosphere of the Learning and Teaching Building invites learning engagement. The building will accommodate thousands of students each semester and will be the home of advanced learning and teaching practice across Monash.

Learning ecosystems

Learning ecosystems are changing due to increasing use of ubiquitous technology and the growth of knowledge economies. As a result, education systems globally are shifting from ‘traditional’ learning environments towards sophisticated personalised learning approaches in innovative spaces.

There is blending of multiple learning modalities in class today and Monash has different types of innovative spaces that enable a myriad of active learning pursuits across the disciplines.

Unique Learning Spaces: Learning in the round

Key design features include:

  • close proximity to teaching  expert throughout session enabling greater interaction within groups.
  • 360 degree surrounding walls are made of whiteboard/glassboard allowing for easy demonstration and illustration of work.
  • two key delivery locations to enhance multiple modes of learning and the teaching expert can present from the whiteboard at multiple key locations around the room.
  • a map table at the centre of the space encourages teaching experts to present examples and bring student groups to work collaboratively as a demonstration.