Admissions and Completions

Admission and Credit Policy[PDF]
Admission to Coursework Courses and Units Procedure[PDF]
Credit Procedure[PDF]
Enrolment and Timetable Policy[PDF]
Enrolment Procedure[PDF]
International Student Transfer Between Providers Procedure[PDF]
International Students Under 18 Procedure[PDF]
Teaching Periods Procedure[PDF]
Timetable Procedure[PDF]
Scholarships and Prizes Policy[PDF]
Coursework Scholarships and Prizes Procedure[PDF]
University Medals and Commendations Procedure[PDF]
Vacation Research Scholarships Procedure[PDF]
Academic Statements Policy[PDF]
Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement Procedures[PDF]
Posthumous Conferral Procedures[PDF]
Testamur Procedure[PDF]
Transcript of Academic Record Procedure[PDF]