Graduate Research

Admission and Credit Policy (from 31 January 2022)[PDF][RTF]
Credit Procedure (from 31 January 2022)[PDF][RTF]

Courses and Units Policy[PDF][RTF]
Course Design Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Course Accreditation Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Course Review Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Unit Accreditation Procedure [PDF][RTF]
Handbook Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Graduate Research Progress Management Policy[PDF][RTF]
Graduate Research Progress Management Procedures [PDF][RTF]
Graduate Research Re-admission Procedures (prior to 01 January 2017) [PDF][RTF]
Graduate Research Re-admission Procedures (effective 1 January 2017) [PDF][RTF]
Graduate Research Termination Procedures [PDF][RTF]
Graduate Research Student Supervision Policy[PDF][RTF]
Graduate Research Student Supervision Procedure [PDF][RTF]
Graduate Research Thesis Examination Policy[PDF][RTF]
Graduate Research Thesis Examination Procedures[PDF][RTF]
Conflict of interest guidelines for the nomination of higher degree by research thesis examiners  
Handbook for Doctoral Degrees   
Handbook for Research Master's Degrees  
Guidelines for a thesis including published works  
Procedure for the Substitution and/or Recognition of Prior Learning of Graduate Research Training Activities [PDF][RTF]
RTP Scholarships Policy[PDF][RTF]
RTP Scholarships Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Guidelines for Chairs of Milestone Review Panels and Academic Progress Review Panels   
Guidelines for Termination Appeal Panel Chairs   

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