Governance covers a range of policies and procedures that apply across all areas of the university's operations.

Academic Review Policy[PDF][RTF]
Academic Review Procedures [PDF][RTF]
Admission of Observers to Academic Board Meetings Policy[PDF][RTF]
Admission of Observers to Academic Board Meetings Procedures [PDF][RTF]
Business Continuity Management Policy[PDF][RTF]
Copyright Compliance Policy[PDF][RTF]
Copyright Compliance Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Crisis Management Policy[PDF][RTF]
Crisis Management Procedures [PDF][RTF]
Document Signing Delegations Policy[PDF][RTF]
Please ensure you read the Requirements for Using DocuSign, which outline when a document may not be signed electronically, as well as particular requirements governing the use of DocuSign.  
Departments and Schools - Establishment, Renaming and Approval Policy[PDF][RTF]
Freedom of Information Policy[PDF][RTF]
Freedom of Information Procedures [PDF][RTF]
Pecuniary Interests Policy[PDF][RTF]
Pecuniary Interests Procedures [PDF][RTF]
Data Protection and Privacy Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Policy Framework Policy[PDF][RTF]
Policy Framework Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Privacy of Student Records Policy[PDF][RTF]
Privacy of Student Records Procedures [PDF][RTF]
Student Fees Policy[PDF][RTF]
Student Fees Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Student Fees Refunds Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Student Fees and Refunds Schedule - Monash University Malaysia[PDF][RTF]
Student Fees and Refunds Schedule - Monash University Indonesia[PDF][RTF]
Student General Conduct Policy[PDF][RTF]
Student General Misconduct Procedure [PDF][RTF]
Sexual Misconduct Response Procedure [PDF][RTF]
Student Academic and General Misconduct: Hearing and Appeals Panels Procedure (Effective on 11 Jan 2021)[PDF][RTF]
Support Services Review Policy[PDF][RTF]
Support Services Review Procedures [PDF][RTF]
Whistleblower Policy [PDF][RTF]
Whistleblower Procedure [PDF][RTF]