Course Governance and Design

Academic Programs Offered from Multiple Campuses Policy[PDF] [RTF]
Academic Programs Offered from Multiple Campuses Procedures[PDF][RTF]
Collaborative Coursework Arrangements Policy*[PDF][RTF]
Collaborative Coursework Arrangements - Articulation and Credit Transfer Agreements Procedures[PDF][RTF]
Collaborative Coursework Arrangements - Dual Award and Joint Degree Procedures[PDF][RTF]
Collaborative Coursework Arrangements - Licensing of Curriculum Procedures[PDF][RTF]
Collaborative Coursework Arrangements - Transnational Delivery of Courses and Units Procedures[PDF][RTF]
Course and Unit Handbook Policy[PDF][RTF]
Course and Unit Handbook Procedures[PDF][RTF]
Coursework Course and Unit Accreditation Policy[PDF][RTF]
Coursework Course Accreditation Procedures[PDF][RTF]
Coursework Course Review Procedures[PDF][RTF]
Professional Development Education Policy[PDF][RTF]
Professional Development Education Procedure[PDF][RTF]

Transnational Education Policy*

*Transnational Education Policy is effective from 10 October 2018. It replaces some sections of the Collaborative Coursework Arrangements Policy and there is some overlap in content. For matters relating to transnational education partnerships, refer to the Transnational Education Policy

The Collaborative Coursework Arrangements Policy will remain in effect until further policy development has incorporated all relevant content, after which it will be rescinded.
Transnational Education Partnership Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Course Design Policy[PDF][RTF]
Course Design Procedures[PDF][RTF]
Course and Award Nomenclature Procedures[PDF][RTF]
Unit Coding Policy[PDF][RTF]
Unit Coding Procedures[PDF][RTF]