Learning and Teaching

Assessment and Academic Integrity Policy[PDF][RTF]
Assessment Regime Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Grading Schema Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Marking and Feedback Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Scheduled Final Assessments Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Special Consideration Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Student Academic Integrity Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Student Academic Misconduct Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Learning and Teaching Policy[PDF][RTF]
Learning and Teaching Student Engagement Procedure [PDF][RTF]
Learning and Teaching Quality Procedure [PDF][RTF]
Unit Delivery Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Industry-Based Experiences for Students Policy[PDF][RTF]
Work-Integrated Learning Student Placement and Co-Curricular Internship Procedures[PDF][RTF]
Student Academic Progress Policy[PDF][RTF]
Student Academic Progress Procedure [PDF][RTF]
Academic Progress Committee Procedure [PDF][RTF]
Exclusion Appeals Procedure [PDF][RTF]
Student Complaints Policy [PDF][RTF]
Student Complaints Procedure[PDF][RTF]
Student Complaints Management Procedure [PDF][RTF]
University Student Ombudsman Policy[PDF][RTF]
University Student Ombudsman Procedures[PDF][RTF]
Student International Travel for Study Policy[PDF][RTF]
Student International Travel for Study from an Australian Campus Procedures[PDF][RTF]
Student Survey Policy[PDF][RTF]
Student Survey Procedures[PDF][RTF]