Participating in tutorials


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Participating in tutorials

Tutorials are useful for:

  • consolidating your understanding of a topic/reading/lecture.
  • Examining a topic critically by
    • asking questions
    • reflecting on the material
    • making links to related topics / ideas.


Regular attendance is advisable. Note that for some classes attendance is compulsory, while for others there can be a minimum number of tutorials that a student must attend. In some subjects, marks are awarded for student participation. Check with your tutor or in the Handbook.


You will be expected to:

  • answer questions from the lecturer, tutor and/or other students
  • contribute to discussion by sharing and comparing ideas
  • take ownership of your learning by seeking clarification of any material you do not fully understanding.


It is essential to complete all set tasks, such as the required reading or set questions, before your tutorial so that you can participate fully in the discussion. Reflect on unit learning objectives and think of questions arising from the reading or the lecture that you can ask during the tutorial.

To contribute:

  • Think of several questions/examples/comments you would like to make.
  • Look for pauses during the tutorial session to enable you to enter the discussion.
  • Indicate that you want to speak by making eye contact with the tutor or by taking a more alert body posture.

You can enter the discussion by:

  • agreeing with what someone has said and adding your own thoughts
    • E.g. "I agree with what [NAME] said about ___. In my view…"
  • disagreeing with what someone has said and providing reasons for your position
    • E.g. "I think [NAME] made an interesting point; however, in my opinion…"
  • raising new points / questions.
    • E.g. "I think that one aspect we have not considered is…'
  • linking the discussion back to the weekly readings
    • E.g. "According to [AUTHOR]…" or "In her article, [AUTHOR] argued that…"

After the tutorial:

  • Continue the discussion with your classmates.
  • Contact the tutor to clarify any important points you didn't understand.
  • Finish any unfinished work.
  • Revise. Sit down and consolidate the concepts that you have learned.
  • Enter questions in your notebook; write answers.
  • Check terms/ jargon.