MRS safe and respectful communities

Living on campus should be a safe and respectful experience for everyone.

MRS, with our large and diverse residential community, has no tolerance towards any form of sexual violence, harassment or misconduct. We will work with support services and individuals to ensure that our communities continue to feel safe and respectful.

These are our standards, and our expectations.

It takes individual courage to report personal experiences of unacceptable or inappropriate conduct. At MRS we will support you in, and through, this process.

This is our commitment.

Our standards, our expectations, your contacts.

At Monash University, in our residential communities we are very clear that we want and expect our residents to feel safe and supported. However, we also acknowledge that some residents will experience unacceptable behaviour external to, or within, our communities. MRS and Monash University may support you through the reporting process regardless of from whom, or where, you experience unacceptable behaviour from others.

MRS CAN HELP - If you or someone you know has experienced any form of sexual assault, harassment, misconduct, or any form of inappropriate behaviour; please contact us immediately. We can assist you in the following ways -

‘My Residence’s College Head’

Refer to your Hall Handbook or RSTO contact list in the MRS Resident Portal.

If you feel more comfortable approaching your Deputy College Head or Residential Support Assistant, they are also willing and able to support and assist you

Will help provide immediate support, referral and safety measures.
Director, Monash Residential ServicesResidential Support Team staff will directly report any issues of sexual assault, stalking or relationship violence to the Director MRS.The Director MRS will work with individuals to identify options for resolution and address breaches in community standards. The Director MRS will connect the individual and refer the matter to the Safer Community Unit and other support services as required.
Monash University Safer Community Unit (SCU)9905 1599 or just dial 51599 from a Monash phone (9am to 5pm)
Report online:
You can find out more about the SCU:
The Safer Community Unit is the central point of enquiry for information, advice, support and coordination in managing inappropriate, concerning or threatening behaviours. All reports of unacceptable interpersonal behaviour reported at MRS are directed to the SCU for support and investigation
Monash University Counselling ServiceTo make an appointment, phone: 9905 3020 or just dial 53020 from a Monash phone (9am to 5pm) OR Phone: 1300 788 336 (after hours counselling)Confidential counselling to help you cope with issues which you may be experiencing as a result of witnessing / being the victim of unacceptable behaviour
Monash bSafe appLearn more here:
Download on the App Store or get it through Google Play
Get the app that’s got your back! Download Monash bSafe for support, resources and safety information at Monash. It provides more information about all the services listed here and more.
SECASA – The South Eastern Centre Against Sexual AssaultCrisis Line: 9594 2289 (CASA Crisis line: 1800 806 292) 24 hour, seven day per week crisis support Visit: therapeutic counselling and support to survivors of sexual assault or family violence, including ability to do forensic testing within the first 72 hours
Monash University Health Service9905 3175 or just dial 53175 from a Monash phoneProviding medical assistance, including sexual health advice
Victoria PoliceCall 000 in an emergency To contact local police station, phone: 03 9543 3888 or visit the police directly at 263 Clayton Road, ClaytonThe Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation teams are specialised units of Victoria Police who are trained to investigate the complex crimes of sexual assault and child abuse