Annie Lim

Annie Lim

Bachelor of Business

Current position
Vice President, Head of Human Resources, Hummingbird Bioscience

Monash ‘melting pot’ lays right career foundation

With more than 25 years of HR experience across healthcare, life-sciences, education, consulting and the IT industry, Annie is currently Vice President, Human Resources with world-class biotech company Hummingbird Bioscience.

As a cross-functional HR partner to the Senior Management team, Annie oversees people and the organisation to lead end-to-end HR, driving talent management, employee engagement, recruitment practices and organisational development excellence that all lead to a highly motivated, productive and engaged workforce.

Her expertise lies in catalysing workforce strategies and powering up talent engagement to enhance employer building.

Since graduating, she has worked across many industries, starting in education and then moving into biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals.

She has worked with GSK, Pall Life Sciences, and Adecco/Lee Hecht Harrison, and spent close to five years with the global French pharmaceutical company, Sanofi. She then joined Citrix as APJ Head of Talent & Diversity Outreach.

There she was part of a global HR team that shaped talent acquisition strategies, wired up diversity and inclusive practices for promoting enhanced EVP brand reputation and boosted talent engagement to evolve cultural transformation.

"I was really excited about that fascinating opportunity to be able to leverage my past healthcare experiences to advance the future of work in digital innovation and to have an impact on business growth."

"In my line of work, knowing how to work together effectively and get the best out of each member of a team is essential. I gained these skills while at Monash."

Reflecting on her undergraduate  degree, Annie said choosing her area of study was easy. "Knowing I wanted to work with people, a Bachelor of Business majoring in human resources was a natural fit for me," she said.

"While Singapore has many fantastic universities most of them offered fairly traditional human resource courses which are very straight and pure. Monash Business School offered the chance to do two majors, and I decided on HR/Marketing.

"From my perspective, when you are working in human resources, marketing is something you need to understand as you are often marketing your company and selling it to prospective candidates. It felt like a good combination.

"The more I researched Monash University the more I wanted to study there. It is very well regarded in Singapore and the Monash brand is well respected and familiar. There are many students in Singapore who have studied there and have come back and contributed much to their chosen professions.

"One of the things I think is so fantastic about Monash is that it really provides an ‘East meets West’ perspective. It is such a melting pot and you can congregate in terms of language, culture and ideas with different nationalities and different ethnicities. This was a really refreshing perspective for me as it forced me to look at things through a new lens. Now I look back, I see this provided an excellent start to a career managing many different types of people.

Annie said she found the Monash curriculum rigorous and challenging.

"There was a lot of group work, which I found very valuable as it allowed me to work with many different people. The staff make a point to ensure you work with different team members. This really helped me as it forces you to work together, to collaborate and to get on. This sort of group work also helped me to develop excellent communication, presentation and team-writing skills, which have been invaluable to me throughout my career.

"This has inspired me to pursue my second master's degree - Master of Counselling at Monash University. The lecturers are outstanding and continue to inspire us beyond the lessons. There was tremendous learning and practicum, which I found profoundly valuable as it allowed me to nurture my knowledge and building my next chapter as a life coach/counsellor.

"In my line of work, knowing how to work together effectively and get the best out of each member of a team is essential. I gained these skills while at Monash. It’s funny because while your formal qualification is often your entry-point to a role, it’s these sorts of skills that really determine whether or not you are successful in it.

In addition to her Monash Bachelor of Business, Annie holds a Master of Human Resource Development (HRD) from The George Washington University (USA) and a Master of Counselling from Monash University (Australia).

She is also an alumni member of the IMD (Lausanne), certified career coach (LHH/e2i), Provisional Clinical Member (PCM)(Singapore Association of Counselling) and certified facilitator ACTA (WSG/IAL).

Annie sits on the HR Council of Singapore Polytechnic School of Business and is Adjunct Associate Lecturer at Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS). She is an avid grassroots leader of the People’s Association and is passionate about diversity, inclusion and driving STEM initiatives.