Benjamin Michelson

Benjamin Michelson

Filling the gap

Following a trip to the United States in 2018, Benjamin Michelson knew he wanted to make a difference to food waste and scarcity. But he wasn’t sure how to go about it.

“I really saw how much food waste there is in the hospitality industry and how many people out there are suffering,” he says.

Mr Michelson established FoodFilled, a charitable organisation which endeavours to alleviate the hunger of those struggling across Melbourne by recycling unused food.

But he wasn't sure exactly how to execute his goal.

“I drove around to retailers asking how I would go about setting it up,” he says. “I spoke to all my friends to see how many people would be interested in volunteering.”

It wasn’t until Mr Michelson attended the Leadership Principles and Practices course at the Monash Prato campus in Italy that FoodFilled really took off.

“During the course, I was surrounded by like-minded individuals,” he says.

“That trip really motivated me to make FoodFilled bigger and more established. I learnt that by establishing a proper structure and team we’d achieve more.”

Now there are six committee members with different responsibilities across logistics, accounting, liaising with charities and managing volunteers.

Since 2018, FoodFilled has involved 150 volunteers, fed over 10,000 people and worked with over 20 charities.

Mr Michelson, who is completing a double Bachelor of Business and Accounting, is a recipient of a Monash Business School 2020 Future Global Leaders Award.

“The Future Global Leaders Award is a big motivation for me to continue to try and make a difference,” Mr Michelson says.

“My aim on leaving university is to have an impact on people’s lives and this award signifies that I have the ability to do so.”