Fiona Newton

How can we foster the next generation of inclusive marketers?

Challenging the invisible notions that perpetuate inequality is at the centre of Fiona Newton's work as an educator.

Examples of systematic failures around equity and diversity surround us every day.

While preventing such failings is complex, educators can play a role in helping our future business leaders recognise and then act on inequalities and non-inclusive practices.

“As a marketing educator I’m aware of the need to ensure the next generation of marketers are not perpetuating inappropriate stereotypes or ignoring the need to authentically represent diversity when developing ad campaigns,” says marketing educator Associate Professor Fiona Newton.

This work has earned Associate Professor Newton a Monash Business School 2020 Dean's Award for Equity, Diversity and Social Inclusion Education Excellence.

In her teaching, Associate Professor Newton challenges latent perceptions of male hegemony and implants the normalcy of diversity.

“We can model best-practice around inclusivity as we train students to work in teams and share ideas in class settings,” she says.

Watching her third year Marketing and Communications students reflect on the way different factors within a social system engender inequality, social disadvantage or exclusion, has reinforced her belief educators can effect change.

“It’s actually rewarding to see students grow in their understanding of the importance of equity and diversity and to think that they will take this knowledge with them into future workplaces,” Associate Professor Newton says.

With expertise in problem-based and student-centred learning, she has worked collaboratively with colleagues at Monash University’s Peninsula campus to redevelop the Marketing and Communication major within the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Drawing on industry insights, the BBA major provides students with opportunities to apply their marketing knowledge to address business and social issues.