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Open education

Women in leadership - SUE talks

Monash Business School has celebrated a very successful launch of Speak Up Equally (SUE) Talks, a unique series modelled on the highly successful TED talks.

Coins Stacked

Measuring the value created by Australia's cooperatives and mutuals

Monash Business School researchers are partnering with some of country’s best-known cooperative and mutual enterprises (CMEs) to create a consistent way to measure the sector’s total social and economic value.

Industrial robot

Robots will cost jobs, but create an 'equal number': Australian economists

The impact of technological change on the Australian labour market and income distribution will be relatively limited, and is unlikely to lead to more workers being unemployed for longer.

Trading Port with Shipping Containers

Why Australia shouldn’t fear a wave of trade protectionism

A rollback of free trade agreements could lead to a loss of 270,000 Australian jobs and a reduction in household incomes by around A$8,500 a year, according to a report released by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Cows Grazing on Field

The Murray Goulburn dilemma – co-operatives are dying out but they’re still needed

Canadian dairy company Saputo’s bid for Murray Goulburn is just the latest example of how co-operatives are disappearing in the Australian business landscape.

Business person walking in a urban building

Monash Business School students spotlight business innovations

AIM2Flourish is a global learning and recognition initiative that harnesses transformative management education models to enable business as an agent of world benefit.

Pensioners Walking on Beach

Room for improvement in Australia’s pension system: international study

Australia’s pension system remains ranked third-highest in the world, but faces challenges from reduced household savings and pressure on contribution levels, a new international research reveals.

Couple Calculating Finances

Debt agreements and how to avoid unnecessary debt traps

Debt agreements are the fastest growing form of personal insolvency in Australia. They were designed to offer debtors a low-cost way to make arrangements with their creditors, while avoiding bankruptcy and some of its more serious consequences.