Monash Business School professor conferred prestigious social sciences award

6 October 2021

New Academy of Social Sciences (UK) Fellow Véronique Ambrosini.

Monash Business School's Professor of Strategic Management, Véronique Ambrosini, has been conferred as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (UK), the only Australia-based Fellow in the Academy's Autumn 2021 round, among a range of leading international social scientists.

Professor Ambrosini received the honour for her body of research focusing on business ecological sustainability and how business schools can positively impact society by developing closer bonds with their stakeholders and collaboratively creating value with them.

New Fellows are recognised following an independent peer review process for the excellence and impact of their work and their wider contributions to the social sciences for public benefit.

"I am grateful to all those who have helped me in this journey and the British Academy of Management for their support," Prof Ambrosini says.

"Social sciences are core to our society and successfully can help address the grand challenges we are facing."

"The Academy of Social Sciences leads the campaign in the UK for their advancement."

A previous Head of Monash Business School's Department of Management, Prof Ambrosini's articles have been published in a wide range of internationally recognised academic journals. She had held a number of editorial roles and was most recently appointed associate editor for the Academy of Management Perspectives (AMP).

She is a British Academy of Management (BAM) Fellow and an Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Fellow.

She held academic positions at the University of Birmingham and Cardiff University, after gaining her PhD at Cranfield School of Management.

The Academy's Fellowship comprises distinguished individuals from the academic, public, private and volunteer/not-for-profit sectors.

Through leadership, scholarship, applied research, policymaking and practice, they have helped to deepen the understanding of, and address, some of the toughest challenges facing society and the world.