Shoutout to Monash Marketing interns behind new crowdsourcing app

17 August 2021

L-R Former interns Mariah Lantouris, Aleksandr Corke and Angus McLardie

Monash Business School Marketing interns have helped launch Cheer Me, a new crowdsourcing app where challenges are spurred on by motivational teams.

Co-founders Eric Fitzgerald and Calum Easton designed the Cheer Me app, which was launched in July, to capitalise on a major strength and trend of social media – supporting people to achieve real-world goals. And through a partnership with Monash’s Marketing department, it’s also giving Monash interns valuable real-world skills.

Vital work done by Monash interns during its 18 months of development included market research and sizing, outreach to organisations, challenge copywriting and content creation, plus website and social media content planning and ideation.

And with the app now live, Monash Marketing interns will soon be given the opportunity to gain valuable experience helping craft the app’s communications and social channel development.

Members on the app can choose a challenge, join a group challenge or create their own challenge in the app. Members then recruit a “Cheer Squad” of friends and family to support them. Around 50 diverse challenges are now listed, encompassing exercise, self-care, art, sustainable practices and even a “get vaccinated” challenge.

“Cheer Me helps you crowdsource the motivation you need to succeed in taking on any challenge,” Mr Easton says.

The Cheer Me team are currently working with organisations to help them create branded profiles, launch challenges and share them with their members, customers or fans, with a number of high profile sporting bodies soon to go live.

Cheer Me promotional image

Mr Fitzgerald and Mr Easton began the app’s development in early 2020 after winning startup funding from the State Government’s CivVic Labs program. In a fortuitous moment in those early days, Anthony Eid, a business contact of Mr Easton’s and a recent Monash graduate, introduced him to the Monash Marketing Internship Program’s coordinator, Jane Carroll.

From then on, Monash interns played a vital part in Cheer Me’s development.

“The interns have been an absolute godsend – a lifesaver for us,” Mr Fitzgerald says.

The co-founders, who are experienced professionals, (Mr Fitzgerald has 21 years’ experience in design, marketing and UX, while Mr Easton has 14 years’ experience in social media campaign management) ensure the intern experience is a win-win, he says.

“We always say this needs to be as beneficial for them as for us,” he says.

“We have daily meetings with them, and they do a mix of independent and group work. We coach and mentor, and are happy to answer questions about the industry and give recommendations.”

“With a start-up, it’s extremely hands-on; there’s an entrepreneurial spirit and we’re delighted when the students share their ideas.”

Monash Marketing and Arts double degree graduate Aleksandr Corke undertook a two-month internship with Cheer Me in 2020. Now a Junior Producer with Traffik Group/Clemenger Activation, Mr Corke said his time working with the Cheer Me team granted him valuable insight into the world of strategy development.

L-R Cheer Me Co-Founders Calum Easton and Eric Fitzgerald

“Cal was amazing at (demonstrating) how industries communicate their values across different social media platforms and tailor their messages accordingly. I make use of these insights daily in my new career,” Mr Corke said.

“Because Cheer Me is such a young company, it was so powerful being able to watch these significant decisions be made.

You could see the impact of your work and contributions to the company and its messaging. I’m so glad that Eric and Cal trusted us and allowed us to be part of those important choices.”

Design and Business (Marketing) double degree graduate Mariah Lantouris, now an Account Executive with creative agency Hardhat, also joined Cheer Me as an intern last year.

During her internship she focused on UX and digital marketing strategy. “I got a really thorough strategic understanding of UX and digital marketing and it definitely helped me learn what type of role I wanted to work in,” she says.

Arts and Science double degree graduate Angus McLardie, now a Consultant with brand strategists The Lab Insight and Strategy, joined the Marketing Internship program to “round out my degree.”

During his Cheer Me internship Mr McLardie joined stakeholder meetings and professional and business development sessions, and was involved in competitor analysis, database management and outreach to athletes, community groups and sports clubs.

“To work autonomously on concrete projects with outcomes that drove decisions for the business was really confidence-building,” he says.

Monash Business School’s Jane Carroll said the school’s internship program was vital to “prepare students’ skill bases that then feed into their employability”.

“Cheer Me is a fantastic team who support our Marketing Internship program and give students a fantastic real-world experience. They have always found places for students that help them build their sense of self and a future direction,” Ms Carroll says.

The Cheer Me app is now available on the App Store or Google Play.