Monash and Oracle join forces to help students gain hands-on digital skills

May 16 2023

Head of Monash Business School, Simon Wilkie and Carla Wilkin, acting Deputy Dean, Leadership and Executive Education.

Head of Monash Business School, Simon Wilkie and
Carla Wilkin, acting Deputy Dean, Leadership and Executive Education.

Monash University is partnering with Oracle to offer a new, customised, hands-on learning program for Monash Business School undergraduate students to ensure they enter the workforce with the skills they need in the digital world.

Monash University becomes the first Australian University to take up this offering, joining a rapidly expanding global network of universities and students.

Starting this semester, through Oracle’s Cloud Applications Skills Development Initiative under Oracle University, Monash Business School students will have access to industry-leading curriculum facilitated as a free-to-access online program, along with supplemental course content and micro-credential offerings.

With the rapid increase in digital adoption, organisations are unable to find the tech skills required to scale and innovate within their current workforce. At the same time the demand for graduates with digital skills is higher than ever.

In an effort to get students ready for the digital future and promote graduate employability, Monash University has teamed up with Oracle, giving students hands-on learning with some of the most widely used cloud technology and SaaS business applications within the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite.

Students have access to free cloud Business Process Training across Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Financials, Customer Experience (CX) and more, ensuring graduates are well-equipped in both theory and practice when they join the workforce.

“It is our priority to provide our students the necessary skills and capabilities to secure employment. For today’s workforce, simply knowing debits and credits is no longer enough,”  says Professor Simon Wilkie, Head of Monash Business School.

“For employability, it is key to know how the theory fits in with the technology adopted by business - that’s why we are pleased to be teaming up with Oracle.

“We are confident that this would further differentiate us and give our students a real leg up. Being able to understand business processes and the ‘cloud’ way of thinking is important in this new digital age.”

“Students need to know how our teaching fits in with real-world accounting information systems, cloud technology and business processes,” says Professor Carla Wilkin, acting Deputy Dean, Leadership and Executive Education.

“Incorporating programs that leverage popular business tools such as Oracle Fusion Applications and expanding out to a wider audience is very important for us. We are confident that this partnership will prepare our students to enter the workforce successfully.”

“Our collaboration with Monash University aims to help bridge the digital skills gap in Australia. By enabling students and educators with advanced technology resources and training programs, we aim to strengthen their knowledge, expertise and adaptability to build talent readiness for the digital economy,” says Stephen Bovis, Regional Managing Director, of Oracle Australia and New Zealand.

“Oracle University is proud to provide opportunities for students to learn best practices and insights to help shape their career trajectory towards industry leadership roles, equipping them with the technology and business process knowledge they need to provide continuous innovation through Oracle’s cloud technologies.

“Every student will get access to the latest training courses, taught by expert instructors, on a unified, structured, personalised learning platform,” says Damien Carey, Senior Vice President, Oracle University.