Dr Bei Cui

Research Fellow

Dr Bei Cui

Bei Cui joined the Monash Centre for Financial Studies, Monash University as a research fellow in May 2019, after she received a Doctoral of Philosophy in Finance from the University of Hong Kong.

She is a trained finance researcher, who is capable of conducting rigorous industry-relevant research of academic quality. Her primary interests include sustainable investment, climate finance, Chinese and foreign capital markets, superannuation funds and market microstructure. Her works have been presented at many international conferences, published in peer-reviewed international finance journals, and addressed in major media outlets.

Apart from being active in research work, Bei is also very passionate about teaching. She has also delivered finance, investment, and financial economics courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Email: Bei.Cui@monash.edu
Phone: +61 (3) 9903 8312
Campus: City location