Professor Deep Kapur

Deputy Dean, External Engagement
Director, Monash Centre for Financial Studies

Professor Deep Kapur

Deep Kapur is a Professor of Practice at Monash Business School, Deputy Dean of External Engagement and concurrently Director of the Monash Centre for Financial Studies. Additionally, he serves on the Board Investment Committee of the superannuation fund Rest and provides strategic advice to several private companies in which he has an economic interest.

Before joining Monash in November 2017, he worked in the global investment banking and asset management industry for 28 years. He has held Managing Director positions with Salomon Smith Barney, Citigroup Global Markets, Daiwa Capital Markets and with the event-driven hedge fund group Symphony Financial Partners.

Deep Kapur’s investment experience spans both systematic and discretionary strategies across all major asset classes and liquidity profiles.  He has practised activist investing, managed asset allocation portfolios for institutional clients and run large teams in investment banks developing systematic alpha strategies, risk management tools, and portfolio trading applications. Early in his career, he advised large institutions on investment strategy and asset-liability management.

During his tenure in the research department of Salomon Brothers and successor companies, he and his team received top ranks in the Institutional Investor surveys multiple times. He has intellectual roots in behavioural finance, having earned a PhD degree in Economics in 1989 from the Australian National University for a thesis that argued against the efficient markets hypothesis. At various times during his career, he has commercialised insights from academic research.