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20 Aug 2020 11:00 am
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Decarbonisation challenges are real around the world.

There is an imperative to change the way we produce and use energy. Since 2005, Monash University has actively been reducing its dependence on fossil fuels. In 2017, we committed to reach net zero emissions by 2030, Australia’s first 100 % renewable energy powered university, by transforming our energy infrastructure and following a deep decarbonisation strategy. Jointly developed with ClimateWorks Australia, the Net Zero strategy encompasses five key pillars: energy efficiency measures, campus electrification, deployment of on-site and off-site renewable energy, building a sustainable Microgrid and addressing our residual emissions through offsetting to reach net zero emissions for Monash's built environment by 2030.

Dr Rob Brimblecombe (Manager, Engineering and Sustainability) shared the Monash Net Zero journey. Amandine Denis-Ryan (Head of National Program, ClimateWorks Australia) covered off the updates about the Decarbonisation Futures report and what needs to happen to the economy to get us there. Prof Rob Raven (Monash Sustainable Development Institute) brought an academic perspective on the subject, focusing on the role of urban experimentation and university living labs in the governance of net-zero transitions.

Scott Ferraro (Program Director, Net Zero Initiative) hosted the event.

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Meet the host

Scott Ferraro
Building and Property Division,
Program Director of Monash University’s Net Zero Initiative

Scott Ferraro is a leader in net zero-emission strategy development and implementation, with a deep understanding of the opportunities to reduce emissions across the energy, transport and buildings sectors. Currently, Scott and his team are focused on transitioning Monash’s Australian operations to net zero emissions by 2030. The program aims to find translatable solutions to enable the broader transition to net-zero emissions required under the Paris Agreement.

Scott Ferraro

Meet the speakers

Professor Rob Raven
Professor of Sustainability Transitions and Research director at the Monash Sustainable Development Institute

Rob is interested in the governance of sustainability transitions and socio-technical innovation. His empirical work has covered energy and mobility transition processes in both Europe and Asia. He published over 80 scientific articles on these topics and was co-editor of ‘The Experimental City’ (Routledge, 2016) and ‘Smart and Sustainable Cities? Pipedreams, practicalities and possibilities’ (Taylor & Francis, 2020). His current research agenda is focussed on analysis of transformative change in urban   context such as eco-cities and smart cities.

Rob Raven

Amandine Denis-Ryan
Head of National Programs, ClimateWorks Australia

Amandine oversees ClimateWorks’ national programs, which include helping governments and businesses develop pathways and strategies for net zero emissions. She oversaw the development of the recently published Decarbonisation Futures report, which provides a guide for Australian government and business decision-makers on priority technologies, deployment pathways and benchmarks for achieving net zero emissions.

Amanda Denis-Ryan

Dr Rob Brimblecombe
Manager, Engineering and Sustainability, Building and Property

Rob is a practising building scientist who manages the Engineering and Sustainability team at Monash, overseeing the University’s Net Zero Initiative and Circular Economy Strategy. He lectures in energy efficiency and renewables, supervises a range of applied research projects in sustainable development, and has published the book 'Positive Energy Homes: Building Passive House for better living'. He has a PhD in solar energy.

Rob Brimblecombe
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