Looking at buildings as virtual power plants

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26 May 2020 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Buildings could offer flexibility to the local electricity network!

Dr Sara Walker talked about the Urban Sciences Building project, a Newcastle University’s School of Engineering research project. The Urban Sciences Building project considers the potential for the building to offer flexibility to the local electricity network by reducing import from, or export to, the network at the point of connection. The team is investigating heat pump, air handling units, lighting and lift loads and P.V. generation to understand the potential magnitude, speed and duration of demand response and other grid services the building can offer. The building sensors (thousands of them) are accessible via the Urban Observatory platform, which is open to the general public. The majority of the sensors are in-room sensors monitoring temperature, relative humidity, CO2 and light levels. We found, based on data from the first year of operation, that deferrable building loads are on average 46% of total building energy consumption.

Professor Jacek Jasieniak, Director, Monash Energy Institute, facilitated the event.

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More info

The Urban Observatory data is available at https://3d.usb.urbanobservatory.ac.uk/.

Sara is welcoming any question about this event at Sara.Walker@newcastle.ac.uk.

The presentation slides can be downloaded here (PDF, 0.89 MB) and here (PDF, 4.31 MB).

The host

Professor Jacek Jasieniak
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Director, Monash Energy Institute
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Professor Jacek Jasieniak is the Director of the Monash Energy Institute. His research interests include the development of nanoscale materials and their application to various next generation energy technololgies that enable lower cost and great supply of renewable energy across the world.

The speaker

Dr Sarah Walker
Reader in Energy, Newcastle University, UK

Dr Sara Walker has experience of energy efficiency and renewable energy at the building scale, including building energy performance, as a result of over 20 years in academia and industry. Energy systems are important to the future of industry and society. Yet, the energy trilemma presents many complex interconnected challenges. Dr Walker’s work addresses these challenges by adopting a multi-scale and multi-vector approach within a highly collaborative environment. Her research interests focus on the need to decarbonise buildings, and the associated energy system impacts of potential transitions to new technologies. Dr Walker is Director for the Centre for Energy at Newcastle University.

Event Contact

Name: Ms Nancy Van Nieuwenhove
E-Mail: nancy.van.nieuwenhove@monash.edu