Google Team Drive

Team Drive is a shared space with unlimited storage capacity where teams can store, search and access files from anywhere, on any device.

Unlike Google Drive, the files belong to the team instead of an individual. This means that if the person who created the file leaves Monash, the file remains fully accessible from Team Drive.

How to set up a Team Drive

  1. Set up a Team Drive, add members and set permissions
  2. Add files and folders
  3. Manage your Team Drive files and folders
  4. Share and collaborate using Team Drive


For a full list of features and tips, see Team Drive tips.

To access Team Drive on your computer

Access and manage your files:

  • from the web at from any device
  • from your smartphone with the Google Drive app at the App Store or for Android
  • on any computer through the Drive Stream application (see below)

Drive File Stream on your Monash device

The Drive File Stream application is a quick and easy way to access your Drive files and it's already available on your Monash computer. Once you've launched the application and signed in:

  • on a Windows machine, access your Drive files through the G:drive
  • on a Mac, go to Finder and use the mapped Google Drive location.

Drive File Stream for non-Monash computers

Access levels

You can set different access levels for individual members. To learn more, see access levels.

Moving and deleting files

Moving a Google document to Team Drive retains the change history and earlier versions.

At this stage, you can't move a folder from a Google Drive to a Team Drive. You can work around this by creating a new folder in your Team Drive and moving your files directly from a Google Drive into the new folder. For details, see migrate content to a Team Drive.

If you delete a file, you delete it for everyone in the Team Drive. If you have edit or full access, you can restore it from the bin for up to 30 days before it's deleted forever. To learn more, see delete and restore files.

Storage and file size

Team Drives don't have a storage capacity limit, but you can't exceed 400,000 items in a single Team Drive. You can upload up to 750 gigabytes of files per day per Google account. See Team Drives limits for more.


You can store every version of each file for 30 days and revert back to any version at any time. You can also mark a file to store versions forever, overriding the default 30 day window.

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