Local data availability for staff

Staff using devices with the Monash Standard Operating Environment (SOE) are provided with facilities to locally store their profile data.  

Here are a few key things to know about your data storage:

  • Local data on a workstation can be synchronised and automatically backed up to Monash servers which can only be accessed by you as an individual staff member.
  • Folders that are backed from your workstation include Documents, Pictures, Favourites and Desktop folders.
  • Staff can log into other SOE based devices and access their data anytime and anywhere.
  • All staff profiles have a 200GB hard limit. If this is exceeded it will affect your ability to log in.  
  • Staff exceeding 100GB will be notified and encouraged to reduce the amount of data stored.
  • Backups are run daily at 11am and 5pm and will be held for 30 days only. Anything beyond this period can’t be retrieved.
  • If a significant amount of data stored is related to day-to-day work or research it may be better stored on the S: drive.  We can provide you with an S: drive that only you’ll be able to access.
  • Moving your data to the S: drive will reduce the pressure on your profile providing you with a more efficient user experience.

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