Dean and senior management

Monash Law is overseen by our Dean and a team of other Monash staff members, including Directors, Convenors, Academic Advisors, Chairs, and Group Managers. You’ll find details of the Monash Law academic staff below.


Professor Bryan Horrigan
Personal Assistant: Ms Lyn White

Associate Deans

Associate Dean (Educations) Associate Professor Gerry Nagtzaam
Deputy Associate Dean (Education): Associate ProfessorJanice Richardson

Associate Dean (Research): Professor Douglas Guilfoyle
Deputy Associate Dean (Research): Professor Jonathan Clough

Associate Dean (Academic Resourcing): Professor Adrian Evans and Associate Professor Karinne Ludlow
Senior Academic Resources Officer: Heather Beeching

Associate Dean (International and Engagement): Associate Professor Normann Witzleb
Deputy Associate Dean (International and Engagement): Professor Marilyn Pittard


Director LLB: Associate Professor Janice Richardson
Deputy:  Dr Heli Askola

Director LLM: Associate Professor Rebecca Giblin
Deputy: Associate Professor Patrick Emerton

Director JD: Associate Professor Gaye Lansdell
Deputy: Ms Melissa Castan

Director HDR: Professor Jonathan Clough
Deputy: Dr Joanna Kyriakakis

Director Equity: Ms Melissa Castan (sem 1) Dr Caroline Henckels (sem 2)

Director, Workplace Situated Learning Programs: Mr Ross Hyams


Honours: Professor Graeme Hodge

High Achievers' Program: Dr Susan Barkehall-Thomas

Law Review: Professor Jean Allain and Dr Richard Joyce

Co- Convenors Legal Practice Programs: Dr Adiva Sifris (internal) and Mr Lloyd England (external)

Malaysia Program: Dr Nadirsyah Hosen: Assistant Convenor: Dr Heli Askola

Mooting, Advocacy and Dispute Resolution: Dr Lisa Spagnolo; Deputy Convenor: Dr Eric Wilson

Prato Program:  Professor Marilyn Pittard; Assistant Convenor: Professor Jonathan Clough

Academic Advisers

Student Career and Scholarship Counsellling: Dr Ronli Sifris

Schools Liaison: Ms Melissa Castan

Faculty Research Centres

The Australian Centre for Justice Innovation (ACJI)
Co-Director: Professor Paula Gerber and Dr Genevieve Grant

Castan Centre for Human Rights Law
Semester 1 - Director: Professor Sarah Joseph Deputy Director: Assoc Professor Julie Debeljak;

Semester 2 - Director: Assoc Professor Julie Debeljak  Deputy Director: Dr Tania Penovic

Centre for Commercial Law and Regulatory Studies
Semester 1 - Director: Professor Ann Monotti

Semester 2 - Director: Professor Daniel Fitzpatrick


Clinical Advisory Board: Professor Jeff Giddings

Coordinator Executive Education Programs: Dr Eric Windholz

Faculty General Manager

Faculty General Manager: Ms Jane Prior Personal Assistant: Ms Janine Johnson

Group Managers

Education Services: Mr Mike Neuzerling

Engagement Services: Ms Kathy Ilott

Finance Services: Ms Maria Cantillon

Research Services: Mr Alan Shanks

Resources Manager: Mr. Tim Norris