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Australian identity: What does it mean to you?

Trying to define national identity is like searching for the end of a rainbow. It isn’t something that can be found or a place we can collectively reach; it’s something that unfolds over time and through generations. It’s also something that is contested and evokes a sense of belonging individually.

Prosecco Legislation Investigated in Government Funded Study

Monash University news

As the European Union (EU) takes steps to protect Italian wine producers from international competition, Monash University researchers have received a Federal Government grant to clarify the legal basis for protecting geographic indications for wines in trade agreements.

Lecture: Shareholder Activism - leveraging the law as a tactic to effect change in listed companies

Presented at Monash Law Chambers as part of the Monash Law Thought Leadership Series.

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Lecture: Back to the Future - Cybercrime's lessons from the past by Professor Jonathan Clough

Presented at Monash Law Chambers as part of the Monash Law Thought Leadership Series.

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Monash University news

Professor Jennifer Hill joins Monash Law as Bob Baxt AO Chair in Corporate and Commercial Law

Professor Hill is one of the most respected academics in the areas of corporate law and governance in Australia and internationally.

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