Industry Engagement

Industry Engagement

We’re looking to partner with professionals and organisations who share our desire to create a new generation of forward-looking, progressive and innovative lawyers.

Support legal research to find solutions to problems facing business and society.

Impact in the law and research

Research that serves society.

We believe that excellent legal research should reach beyond academia to contribute to the advancement of both the law and greater society.

Monash Law conducts and supports large amounts of evidence-based and other research for the common good, for people and organisations who most need it.

Our academics and students make significant contributions through public submissions and expertise-based advocacy to the public goods of community awareness-raising on matters of law and justice, and to numerous public and parliamentary, policy-making, law-making, and law reform inquiries.

Our researchers collaborate across disciplines and universities, as well as with governments, legal professionals, and other industry and community organisations. We also undertake influential competitive grant projects and carry out contract research for community, government, and corporate partners.

Our research expertise is housed in eight key Faculty organs. Please find some of the opportunities for you to engage with Monash Law below:

Castan Centre for Human Rights Law

Australian Centre for Justice and Innovation

Centre for Commercial Law and Regulatory Studies

Law, Health and Well-being

Feminist Legal Studies Group

Sustainable Legal Practice Group

Transnational Criminal Law Group

Moot Court Research Platform

Ways to engage

Named research centres

Monash Law’s research centres continue to bring together world leading academics working together on research and policy development facing some of the biggest issues both locally and globally.

This legacy sponsorship opportunity provides the chance to make a real change to the lives of students, academics, the law and wider community. Your name or organisation will be showcased as one which is dynamic, caring and leading for generations to come..

Establish a professional chair

An endowed chair has the profile and prominence to drive real change in research and outcomes in their area of expertise. By partnering with Monash Law in this capacity you will have the opportunity to contribute to meaningful research and affect real change in the community

Sponsorship of Law Phd Program

The GRIPS program provides opportunities for organisations to sponsor a Phd student working within their business on research projects that provide tangible outcomes and a direction forward for both your organisation and academia.

Nominated Professional in Residence

Sponsoring a professional in residence promotes your organisation as a thought leader in a particular area of law as well as increasing your corporate social responsibility (CSR) capabilities, by closing the loop between academia and industry we ensure we can provide targeted and concise research and teaching outcomes.

Stay ahead of legal, technological and market changes in a fast-paced world.

Our Continuing Professional Development program helps individuals, legal firms, government departments and other organisations develop the legal skills they need to succeed.

In a landscape as competitive as Australia’s, it’s a clever way to extend and develop your people, and stay a step ahead.

A customised approach

Every organisation has different needs when it comes to training and development. So we work with you to custom-build a program that suits – anything from short lectures or webinars, to comprehensive courses and retreat programs.

We can bring in resources from other faculties and partners to complement our own, and even restructure our public courses into personalised new programs.

Why learn with us

  • We’re one of the leading law schools in Australia, with some of the country’s best legal professionals working with us as teaching staff
  • We have the full resources of Monash – Australia’s largest university – at our disposal
  • We have a relentless focus on tangible outcomes and real-world applications
  • Our customised approach means you can target the skills-gaps and learning needs specific to your organisation

Executive education

Do you want to develop your skills in a specific legal field? Enrol in one of Monash Law's Executive Education units.

Designed for lawyers and non-lawyers, our Executive Education units offer you the benefits of in-depth legal knowledge without the requirement to take on a full course load or complete assessment.

You'll learn from outstanding academics and leading experts in their fields, as well as international guest lecturers.

Choose to take your classes online or in our dedicated postgraduate Law Chambers in the heart of Melbourne’s legal precinct.

Your choice of unit may also be eligible for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

Find out more on our Executive Education page.

Graduate certificates

Accelerate your career with a grounding in law.

A graduate certificate with Monash Law is designed for those who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in another discipline, and wish to develop their career further with strong foundational knowledge of both Australian and international legal systems.

You can complete the qualification in just six months and you may also be able to use the units as credit towards a Monash Law Masters Degree or a Monash Master of Legal Studies.

Current graduate certificates

L4005 - Graduate Certificate of Laws

L4004 - Graduate Certificate of Legal Studies

L4003 - Graduate Certificate of Legal Systems and Services

Help create the next generation of forward-looking and innovative lawyers.

We aim to launch a new generation of lawyers who are ambitious, adaptable and innovative, with empathy and intelligence to hit the ground running.

Through hands-on experience, they have come to understand that legal problems are embedded in a social context. Through internships and clinical experience, our students are exposed to a range of opportunities to build their skills outside of their legal training including business skills, project management expertise and digital literary, preparing them for any field.

Clinical legal education

Every undergraduate and JD student has the opportunity to work in our clinical legal education program. The program, the first of its kind in Australia, gives students experience working with real clients on real cases under the supervision of practising lawyers.

At the same time, it provides representation and advice to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access justice.

Ways to Engage

Sponsorship of law clinics

Our Monash Law Clinics help provide students with Clinical Legal Experience to become work-ready graduates. The feedback we receive from both students and industry has been fantastic and is one of the pillars that sets Monash Law school apart.

What we are most proud of is the real impact our clinics have in the community, supporting some of the most vulnerable members in their time of need.. By sponsoring a Monash Law clinic you will be making a real impact on the learning outcomes of our students while also supporting these vulnerable members of our community.

Co-delivery of Law Elective Unit

Sponsorship of the law elective unit includes naming rights and opportunity for keynote address at the beginning and end of each unit. Other supplementary initiatives can be negotiated on a case by case basis.

This provides an opportunity for any organisation to embed their name and reputation in the consciousness of current and future generations of Monash law students

Sponsorship of Student Leadership Program

Our Leaders Program has been developed to cultivate Monash Law students for future leadership positions.

Activities undertaken during the program develop a range of skills relevant to leadership in a student's studies and career. This program provides the opportunity to help shape the employability focus of the program, and position your firm as a leader in the future of the professions.

You will be engaging and have the opportunity to mentor some of our brightest students while developing a pipeline of talent for your firm.

Sponsorship of Honours Program

The Monash LLB (Hons) program provides the best grounding for this cohort of students to move from academic excellence through to legal and wider community leaders.

The honours program is tailored every year to the individual cohort based on their needs and the ever changing legal market.

Our industry partner plays an important role in cultivating what is needed in industry currently while engaging with some of our best and brightest students.

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