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Graduate Research Industry Partnerships

PhD collaboration with impact.


Today, graduate researchers are expected to adapt to different work environments and industries, cross-discipline boundaries, and apply their research in meaningful ways.

Graduate Research Industry Partnerships (GRIPs) are our response to the rising demand for researchers with interdisciplinary capabilities and the readiness to apply their expertise to solving real-world problems in industry.

Graduate research students in a GRIP are honed to become thought leaders for industry through a unique industry-driven interdisciplinary training program, internship opportunities, mentoring and scholarships.

GRIPs bring together graduate researchers (PhD students) and academic leaders from various fields with external partners to explore an issue of global significance.

Outstanding graduate research students from multiple disciplines work with established Monash academics to find innovative, interdisciplinary approaches and solutions that are relevant to industry.

Current GRIPs


  • Unique, high-achieving student cohort of 15-20, working collaboratively with respective industry partners
  • 3 - 4 year PhD program with a stipend scholarship
  • Professional development programs co-designed and delivered with industry partners
  • Expert supervision from both Monash academics and industry specialists


We're working on establishing exciting new GRIPs across different disciplines and industries. Here are the new GRIPs currently available to apply for.

Prospective graduate research candidates


To apply for your GRIP of interest as a graduate research student, you'll go through a selective application process which involves:

  1. Submitting an expression of interest
  2. Interview with industry partner
  3. Formal PhD candidature application


To be eligible, you will need to meet the minimum admission requirements into the Monash Doctoral Program. Ideally you will possess the following attributes:

Prospective industry partners

Collaboration with impact.

Gain a competitive edge and enhance your potential to compete globally. Partner with us and you'll gain access to:

  • Our high-achieving graduate research students and their exemplary problem-solving skills
  • Our world-class facilities and state-of-the-art technology and equipment
  • Innovative ideas, products, and services to market
  • Developing and recruiting the next generation of innovative leaders into your organisation

    • Chemicals and Plastics Manufacturing GRIP

      "The highly talented and skilled PhD researchers coming out of this program will have a firm understanding of industry needs. This is an extremely valuable contribution towards the on-going development of Australia's technology base and a highly skilled and productive workforce. Australian chemistry industry supplies critical products and services into 109 of the Australia's 111 industries." - Samantha Read, CEO of Chemistry Australia


    Renata Diaz
    Team Leader, Programs and Development
    Industry Engagement
    Monash Graduate Research Office

    P: (03) 9905 9428

    Monash staff, please see guidelines here for establishing a GRIP.

    Graduate Research Industry Partnership