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Accident Research Centre

We’re one of the world’s most comprehensive injury prevention research institutions. Our research is extensive but our goal is quite simple: we strive to make people safer.

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VISU Monthly Bulletin - Edition 2

DIY home injuries increase during COVID-19 lockdown, overall ED presentations continue to decline

Stay-at-home restrictions caused by COVID-19 have coincided with a rise in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home injuries during April, MUARC has reported.

Incident response safety project enters next phase

Incident responders project

A project to improve the safety of incident responders operating on high-speed roads has entered its next phase after MUARC completed over 500 surveys with emergency service workers.

Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit reports decline in emergency department presentations during first month of COVID-19 lockdown

Victorian hospitals recorded a decrease in emergency department presentations during March 2020, the early period of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Monash's Virtual Reality Autonomous Vehicle features in Infrastructure Magazine

Monash University has developed a Virtual Reality Autonomous Vehicle (VRAV) that enables on-road testing of autonomous vehicles. MUARC’s Dr Steve O’Hern is a member of the award-winning project, which features in the latest issue of Infrastructure Magazine.

Hazard 87

New edition of Hazard provides in-depth details of on-road cyclist injuries in Victoria

The Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit has released the 87th edition of Hazard, providing an in-depth description of on-road adult cyclist injuries in Victoria from 2008/09 to 2017/18.

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