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  • Transport Safety (MUARC)

    Damaged car

    Australia's largest and most respected transport safety research centre. Our research, consultancy and training include safety across all modes of transport. More.

  • Home and Community

    Broken arm

    Research into our domestic and recreational settings to prevent serious injury. More

  • Workplace safety

    Worker on cherry picker

    Research in this area focuses on developing safe systems through understanding human abilities and weakness (or errors), and the environments in which people work

  • Injury outcomes

    Person in wheelchair

    Researching variations in the way people injured in workplace and road crash incidents respond to rehabilitation and treatment and recover. More

  • Disaster resilience

    Image of drought

    Challenging and supporting communities, governments and organisations to strengthen their resilience against major disasters through research, education and community engagement. More

  • Participate in our research

    Participant in driving study

    Make a contribution to injury prevention research by sharing your experience, time and knowledge with our researchers. More