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Call for participants

You can make a valuable contribution to accident and injury prevention research simply by sharing your experience, time and knowledge with our researchers.

Please read all details carefully before responding to any of the projects listed below.

We are currently seeking participants for the following studies:

Reducing Aggressive Driving (RAD)

Help us evaluate a program designed to help drivers reduce their anger or aggression.

Participants will be paid to complete a brief online survey about their anger and aggression while driving and participate in a 2-hour online workshop on anger and aggression triggers and management.

To participate or for more information, please click here.

Participants must have experienced anger or aggression while driving, be over 18, and hold a valid driver's licence.

Off-road motorcycle rider safety

MUARC is conducting a survey about off-road motorcycling safety.

Complete the survey for a chance to win a $250 Coles Myer voucher.

To be eligible you must be an off-road motorcyclist/scooter rider
(ridden in Victoria in the last 3 years) aged 16+ whose riding purposes include recreation.

Click here to complete the survey or for more details.

To register your interest in becoming a participant, please e-mail: