WHO Collaborating Centre for Violence and Injury Prevention

The significance of the injury problem worldwide, and specifically in developing countries, is staggering. There are an estimated 5.2 million injury deaths worldwide every year - in other words, over 14,000 people die of injury every day. The Western Pacific and South East Asian regions have the highest number of injury deaths worldwide, accounting for more than half of all injury deaths (almost 2.7 million) annually.

Since 2005, we have been designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Violence and Injury Prevention. The designation is for the Western Pacific Region, encompassing 27 countries. We also work closely with the South-East Asia Region of WHO and WHO globally.

Our experts have assisted the development and monitoring of regional injury prevention, including data systems, research, training, information exchange and policy and planning developments.

We have also helped the WHO regional Office for the Western Pacific to develop, implement and evaluate a regional injury prevention strategy.