Custom Courses

Partner with MUARC

MUARC works with industry and government to develop bespoke courses.

While many organisations share the same dream of eliminating serious injuries, we understand that workforces have specific needs when it comes to professional development.

Our custom-made courses are delivered to organisations who:

  • Develop, implement and/or enforce solutions for an injury-free society
  • Commit to systems-based approaches to safety sciences
  • Aspire to effective injury prevention and safety promotion leadership
  • Seek to create safer communities globally
  • Recognise the value of data and research to policy

Flexible Delivery

Our courses can be delivered in-person, online or through blended learning. We will work closely with you to maximise impact and ensure MUARC’s teaching team and resources are utilised in a manner that suits your needs.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in working with MUARC on a custom course, please contact: